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Multi-let properties, or HMOs, have exploded in popularity in recent years. Young professionals are attracted to high quality properties in good locations, whilst landlords can enjoy excellent yields from letting individual rooms.

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Our fixed-fee accountancy service includes everything you need to manage your property portfolio's tax, accounts and compliance.

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The changing face of HMOs

In recent years HMO properties have changed beyond recognition. Long-gone are the days of damp student digs in undesirable areas. Stricter regulations and local licensing have increased the quality and managed the density of HMOs, whilst demand from young professionals with greater expectations have driven the finish (and yields) of HMOs to new highs.

HMO tax considerations

From a tax perspective, HMOs are largely the same as conventional buy-to-let properties, with legal ownership playing a significant role in determining how profits are taxed.

The biggest difference normally stems from the fit-out costs to convert properties into HMOs. This may be as simple as furniture, fixtures and fittings, but often involves larger capital expenditure to increase the number of bedrooms or bathrooms, or to comply with national and local regulations. For the most part, tax relief is no longer available for this expenditure, although it will often reduce your tax liabilities should you go on to sell the property. For larger HMO conversions there may be a case for pursuing tax relief on certain expenditure in communal areas.

Some HMO landlords, faced with the removal of mortgage interest relief (known as “section 24”) are choosing to convert their properties into furnished holiday lets (for example, to let via Airbnb or holiday websites), which includes serviced accommodation. If the furnished holiday let criteria is achieved, mortgage interest relief is available, along with additional tax reliefs which better suit this operating model.